About us

Hard Facts – Island of Hope:


  • HAR – Helping Animals Romania
  • Non-Profit-organization, animal welfare organization, founded in 2010
  • Location Bucharest, Romania

Success since foundation (until November 2018):

  • 7.148 castrated animals; 3.215 dogs & 3.933 cats
  • 8.350 adopted animals; 6.830 dogs & 1.520 cats
  • 9.049 rescued animals; 7.337 dogs & 1.715 cats

Responsible animal welfare:

Each of our animals is

  • tested for Mediterranean diseases or cat diseases
  • vaccinated, chipped, registered & gets a health book/international certificate of vaccination
  • treated against parasites (internal & external)
  • optimally supplied; medically, with food, housing, care and attention
  • if possible send for adoption in a loving home

We also do important animal protection work on site, through

  • regular castrations
  • elucidation of the public and the responsibility to their animals
  • helping low-income-population to pay for
    • vaccinations
    • treatments
    • castration
    • Microchip, health book & registration

Current situation:

  • Animal Shelter with Ø 350 dogs & cats
  • Land rented, approx. 10.000 m², 2-year contract, rent currently € 20.400,- per anno
  • Buildings: 2 halls, 1 infirmary, 1 house, outdoor enclosures, playgrounds


  • Purchase of the property – to stay here safe and secure and to save on the high and steadily increasing rental costs
  • Building up an own veterinary clinic, on our property – to save high costs and time and to allow the animals a quicker and cheaper veterinary care, as well as to preserve the shelter
  • Establishment of a senior and training area, on our property – for our older protegees with poor chances of finding a home and animals with special needs


  • We need EUR 600.000,-!


  • The investment will be amortized in 8 years at the latest, solely by saving on rent, veterinary- & fuel costs!