Grig is the heart and soul of HAR. She’s a native Romanian, living in Bucharest all her life and couldn’t simply look away from the misery of the animals on the street. She always loved and helped animals, with her private resources. Until one day, faith brought Grig and Gerlinde together.
Grigoreta and Gerlinde met on the 9th of July 2009. An injured dog was lying beside a flower booth, and both of them wanted to help him, coming from different directions and so both took care of the dog and brought it to a Vet. The beginning of a wonderful friendship! And the start of HAR.
Grigoreta is co-founder of HAR and has obligated herself to help animals in need. As a fosterhome, she gives many dogs and puppies a temporary home and she organizes vaccinations, drives animals to the Vet, she disseminates food, she is always there, where she is needed and always try to give some attention to every of our proteges.